The Annual
From 11 - 23 November 1991

 Glebe Music Festival

In conjunction with The Glebe Society Inc


November 17, 1991: The Goodchild Ensemble
Music From the Age of Splendour
Masterpieces from the Baroque at St. Scholastica's

Water Music Suite for Trumpet, Strings  (Oboe and Bassoon) and Continiuo
I.    Overture
II.   Gigue
III.  Aire
IV. Bouree
V.   March

G.F. Händel:

Sonata in B flat for Oboe and Organ
I.    Andante
II.  Adagio
III. Allegro

G.F. Händel:

Concerto in D major for Corno da Caccia, Strings and Continuo (Oboe, Bassoon)
I.    Vivace (Allegro)
II.  Largo
III. Allegro

G.P. Telemann

No 3. for bassoon and Organ
I.    Cantabile
II.   Spiritose e Staccato
III. Largo  e Staccato
IV.  Hornpipe e L'Inglese
V.    Vivace

J.E. Galliard

Canzonas for Trumpet and Basso Continuo
Canzona Terza Detta la Bernadina  

Girolamo Frescobaldi

Andante  in F (KV 616) For solo organ 
Für eine Waltz in eine Kleine Orgel   

W.A. Mozart:

Concerto for Trumpet, Oboe and Basso Contiuo   
1. Allegro

J.W. Hertel:

Paul Goodchild, Trumpet and Corno Da Caccia
Linda Walsh, Oboe
Lorelei Dowling, Bassoon
Warwick Dunham, Organ


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