The Annual
Saturday 7th to Sunday 28th November 2021

 Glebe Music Festival

In conjunction with The Glebe Society Inc

The 32nd Annual Glebe Music Festival

Saturday 7th to Sunday 28th November 2021

In conjunction with the Glebe Society

Artistic Director Dr E. David G. McIntosh AM AMusA

Open to fully vaccinated people and those with medical exemptions .
Masks required. Social distancing in practice.
Your name will be checked against the booking list on arrival. Those with symptoms may not enter.

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Concert 1: Sunday 7th November at 3pm:

Performers: Thoroughbass directed by Diana Weston (harpsichord) with Anna Fraser (soprano), Shaun Ng (viola da gamba), Joanne Arnott (recorder) and Tara Hashambhoy (violin).

Programme: Two remarkable women – Antonia Padoani Bembo (c. 1640 - c. 1720) and Élisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre (1665 - 1729) – rose to prominence as composers during the reign of Louis XIV. Their paths to success however, were very different. Antonia arrived in Paris seeking a career as an independent woman having extricated herself from an unworkable marriage. Her Produzioni Armoniche was put together and presented to Louis as her entrée into the musical world of the French aristocracy. Élisabeth was born in Paris and was recognized very early as a child prodigy. Given every encouragement by Louis her considerable talent encompassed virtuosic skills at the harpsichord and a large output of magnificent compositions.

Thoroughbass takes pleasure in presenting arias and cantatas by these women, along with pieces by Rameau and Marais.

Location: Glebe Town Hall, 160 St John’s Road, Glebe

Tickets: $40
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Concert 2: Saturday 13th November at 7pm:

Performers: Wolf Mail (guitar) and Milena Barrett (Blues and Soul)

Programme: Milena and Wolf are an acoustic duo project from Sydney, created by singer-songwriter Milena Barrett and award-winning Canadian guitarist Wolf Mail. Nominee and finalist of the prestigious International Blues Challenge Awards in Memphis, TN, Milena has been described by Glenn A. Baker as “One of Australia’s most talented Soul female vocalists”. Wolf has had a flourishing career as a singer-guitarist and songwriter, with the release of 7 albums including a Top-10 in Japan, supported by several successful tours. Together, they create a not-to-be-missed Soul/Jazz/Blues musical experience which harks back to the music of old with a slick contemporary twist. Their performance includes original compositions as well as songs made famous by the likes of Etta James, Aretha Franklin, with classics from Joe Cocker, Van Morrison and others.

Location: Glebe Town Hall, 160 St John’s Road, Glebe

Tickets: $40
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Concert 3: Saturday 20th November at 3pm:

Performers: Sydney Baroque Playershistoric instruments: Ruth Crosby (recorder and flute), Phillip Murray (flute), Owen Watkins (recorder and oboe), Fiona McMillan (oboe and oboe d’amore), George Mills (theorbo), Sophie Funston (cello).

Programme: German Baroque Music in the Italian style played on historic instruments. The Sydney Baroque Players present a concert of German music for treble wind instruments, theorbo and cello. In this concert we explore the combined gentle, sultry tones of oboes, flutes and recorders with theorbo and cello continuo. Composers include Quantz, Fasch, Mattheson, Finger and Pepusch.

Location: Glebe Town Hall, 160 St John’s Road, Glebe

Tickets: $40
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Concert 4: Sunday 21st November at 3pm:

Performers: Lawergren and Lowe. Georgia Lowe (harp) and Susannah Lawergren (soprano)

Programme: Soprano Susannah Lawergren and harpist Georgia Lowe break through the silence with warmth and passion, performing new arrangements of beloved arias both Australian and European, including Dvorak’s Song to the Moon, Ross Edwards’ Christina’s Lullaby and Bellini’s Casta Diva, alongside a selection of Russian art songs from Glinka through to Tchaikovsky. The duo will also premiere for Australian audiences a couple of exquisite songs written for harp and soprano by Russian composer Antonina Rostovskaya.

Location: Glebe Town Hall, 160 St John’s Road, Glebe

Tickets: $40
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Concert 5: Sunday 28th November at 3pm: Josie and the Emeralds St Cecilia 2021

Performers: Josie Ryan (soprano), Brooke Green (dir., viol), Daniel Yeadon, Fiona Ziegler, Catherine Upex, Anthea Cottee (viols), Simon Martyn-Ellis (lute, theorbo)

Programme: Musicke in these Plagal Tymes, (with Suite Relief)

In 16th and 17th century Europe, isolation measures were strictly enforced as society struggled to protect itself from the ravages of plague. Courts left the cities, theatres and music-houses were closed and even outdoor singing was banned. We present plague-themed music of these times: a broadside ballad, a prayer of thanksgiving by John Thorne, and a high-art lament about the pain of solitude by Monteverdi. We honour three composers who died of the plague: Jacob Obrecht, Alessandro Grandi and Robert White. But according to medical practitioners of this era, excessive melancholy could create an overabundance of black bile and leave one susceptible to illnesses such as plague. So it was important to enjoy music that lifts the spirits and promotes red blood. One of our antidotes is a beautiful Fantasia-Suite by William Lawes and as always, contemporary music by Brooke Green.

Location: St John’s Church, 138a Glebe Point Road, Glebe

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