The Annual
Sunday 13th November 2011 at 1500hrs

 Glebe Music Festival

In conjunction with The Glebe Society Inc

Sunday 13th November at 1500hrs,
Record Reign Hall (corner St John's Road and Derwent Street, Glebe):
the “Accordions Alfresco” the NSW State Accordion Ensemble of the Australian Accordion Society Accordions Alfresco 13 Nov 2011

Accordions Alfresco is an ensemble drawn from members of the Accordion Society of Australia (ASA), a community and network for accordionists in Australia for over 40 years.

The ASA orchestra/ensemble has toured Austria, Germany, New Zealand and Australia, and this year are competing in Shanghai at the Coupe Mondiale accordion competition. In Sydney they have performed at The Basement, Qirkz, Club Marconi and many other venues.


Blues Factory
Henry Mancini in Concert
Feuert Los
Blue Tango
Russian Impression
Waltz Number 2
Costa Brava
Chappell’s Melodian Cocktail
Amboss Polka
Devil’s Dance
Tango pour Claude
Aussie Medley
JAC - Fly Me to the Moon & Libertango
Barber of Seville
China Ensemble - Concerto in A minor

Accordions AlfrescoAccordions Alfresco is:
Amelia Granturco – Leader/1st accordion
Mathilde Auroux – 1st accordion
Chris Tavernese – 2nd accordion
Dominique Granturco – 2nd accordion
Cheryle Mills – 3rd accordion
Kate Parsons – 3rd accordion
Jedda Kassis – 4th accordion
Rob Scott-Mitchell – Bass accordion


Concert Photos © 2011 Patricia Baillie

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