The Annual
Friday 16th November 2007

 Glebe Music Festival

In conjunction with The Glebe Society Inc

Concert 3:
Friday 16th November 2007 at 7-30pm,

The Old Court House, cnr St John's Road and Talfourd Street, Glebe.

Quantum Theory
The members are:
Sebastian McIntosh (Sax), Dave Rodriguez (Guitar), Bill Williams (Bass), Ed Rodrigues (Drums)

Quantum Theory will be playing original compositions including:
"Look and Smile" (comp. Sebastian McIntosh)
"In the End" (comp. Sebastian McIntosh)
"Bill's Tune" (comp. Bill Williams)
"Sustainable Energy" (comp. Quantum Theory)
"Quin" (comp. Quantum Theory)

Quantum Theory is new concept jazz group. What originally began as a regular jam session quickly became an original unit, composing music that extended and emphasised group dialogue and interaction. The musicians focus on music that allows and encourages expression of the group's identity as a whole, rather than as individuals. The band's challenge is to remain true to this concept, without falling into the abyss of directionless and aimless music that often disguises itself as "free" music.


Bill Williams is a bass player in his third year of study at the ANU school of music. He plays in many bands around the ACT and NSW, focusing mainly on jazz and blues, in bands such as "More teeth than Barry and the Stingers." He also performs with a Celtic band from Canberra called "Eilean Mor," that tours Scotland regularly. He has done many jazz gigs in the ACT performing with ANU jazz students and also some staff including John Mackey Miroslav Bukovsky and Mike Price.

David Rodriguez is currently studying in his third year at the Canberra School of Music. David moved to Canberra from Spain where he had begun playing classical guitar but felt compelled to move to jazz guitar having heard the likes of Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass. Whilst mainly influenced by Jim Hall he loves and plays all types of music playing in blues bands, reggae bands and even punk bands. He plans to continue his studies at the School of Music and travel overseas for further study.

Ed Rodrigues has been playing drums and percussion in professional circles for many years. He has almost completed his tertiary study at the ANU school of music, and is already heavily involved in music promotion in the ACT. He has recently initiated a new concept at the "White Eagle" club in an attempt to bring more music to the region. Originally from Sydney, he has played with many well-known jazz artists including Australian legend, Don Burrows.

Sebastian McIntosh moved from Sydney in 2005 to undertake tertiary study of the Saxophone with John Mackey at the ANU. He has been involved with music for many years, and in 2004 toured the United States and Bahamas with the North Sydney Big Band, playing at festivals including the International Association of Jazz Education Conference in New York. Within Australia, he has been playing semi-professionally for several years, performing gigs at various venues in both NSW and the ACT. More recently, he performed with International Jazz Celebrity and member of the "Yellow Jackets," Bob Mintzer in a special concert with the ANU Big Band.

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