The Annual
November 19 2004

 Glebe Music Festival

In conjunction with The Glebe Society Inc


Glebe Music Festival Concert
Friday 19 Nov 2004 at 1930hrs

Old Court House, Glebe
urban eXcentrics cd launch

The Skirts to greet with Fie Nay Prithee John, Verbum Caro, The Water is Wide

Jalousie - Gade
Cool Lady - Hoofs
Alone - Palumbo
Cat - Palumbo
Nuages - Reinhardt

Four of the above pieces are tracks from our new cd.
The following five have been selected as having special significance for each of us in the pursuit of our musical ventures.

Rodrigo Guitar Concerto - slow movement. - feat. Larry Hoofs
I'll Get Thru - Palumbo - introducing Ben and Dion Palumbo
Litanei auf das Fest Allerseelen - Schubert - feat. Paul Laszlo and Ben Palumbo
Real World - Palumbo
Maybe - feat. All plus The Skirts (track from cd)


Cry Me a River - Hamilton - feat. Ben and Dion Palumbo
Shine - D.Palumbo feat Dion Palumbo
Dirty Old Town - Trad.
Caro Mio Ben -Giordani feat. Ben Palumbo and Paul Laszlo

The above pieces cross a range of genres of music which we enjoy listening to and playing either together or with different combinations of people. The influence of all this is evident in the cd that we are releasing tonight. The following are on the cd.

Don't Know - A Palumbo
Libertango - Piazolla
Blue Rondo - Brubeck
Summertime - Gershwin
D'age a Vu - A Palumbo

Urban Excentrics

The ensemble began as a duo seven years ago in Perth when Larry and Ann were looking to play some festivals. Larry had mostly performed as an electric guitar player although always played fingerpicking acoustic for his own personal enjoyment.

Ann was freelancing as a double bass player and on a number of other instruments and had played in Larry's electric band. So they decided to create an acoustic duo featuring bowed double bass and playing their own as well as borrowed material.

After succesfully performing in Broome where they were immediately re-booked for the next month, u.e. recorded a cd and decided to try their luck in Sydney.

Arriving in 1998 and just prior to the Olympics, they found themselves much in demand. Paul came along three years ago as Larry and Ann were looking to develop and expand their repertoire and another double bass greatly appealed to Ann's sense of arrangement and instrumentation.

u.e. have since played at many festivals and venues in and around Sydney including the Basement, toured to Melbourne, Canberra Perth and the UK and have had their material aired on ABC radio.

This is their third cd but the first with Paul. Ann has been involved with music for most of her life - taking up classical guitar at the age of nine. Singing, double bass, mandolin and composition have all been influenced by her celtic ancestry, classical training and by listening to jazz from a young age. Ann arranges much of the material with intricately woven harmonies between bowed basses and other instruments. She also uses her voice to great effect to complement the intent of the chosen song.

Larry has spent many years refining a guitar technique to rival the best in fingerpicking and unusual chord progressions. He started his musical life as a rock and reggae player and has also embraced classical music and jazz - all of which is apparent in the arrangements. He changes to fancy citern playing on occasion as well as adding the odd vocal.

Paul is a very accomplished classical freelance bass player who also enjoys palm court, jazz and rock playing and is currently working on a concerto performance. His Hungarian background adds another dimension as does the fact that he plays banjo and has recently been involved in an ABC recording of Hanns Eisler songs on that instrument. He contributes a big baritone voice when pressed to use it...

Dion Palumbo is a singer /songwriter of contemporary music and had some success with his band Wizard before heading off to the UK to continue his career there where he is based in Liverpool. He also has recorded product.

Ben Palumbo studied at WAAPA and NIDA and then became a professional acrobat until injury redirected his path into classical and jazz singing.

The Skirts are a vocal quartet formed 5 months ago and consists of Jacqueline Nevill, Charlotte Malycon, Lucy Taylor and Ivana Popovac.

With thanks to the Attorney General's Department, the International Development Law Organization, Beris and Ted McIntosh, and the Glebe Society

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