The 14th Annual

 Glebe Music Festival

In conjunction with The Glebe Society Inc

From: The North Shore Times 26 November 2003 by Fred Blanks

Review of 14th Glebe Music Festival

The most enterprising and comprehensive non-metropolitan music festival in Sydney is not on the North Shore but in Glebe.

The annual Glebe Music Festival is now in its 14th year, and has just offered seven concerts, from baroque to contemporary, from choirs to brass, in venues such as St Scholastica Chapel and Margaretta Cottage.

Its artistic director is David McIntosh, a medical specialist who also collects musical instruments (a collection founded by organist Vincent Sheppard) and has built his own harpsichord from a kit.

It was on that harpsichord that Douglas Hollick gave a very impressive baroque recital.

He is an internationally experienced keyboard player (mainly England, Czechoslovakia and Australia), and gave Bach's Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue BWV 903 a sense of urgency which underlined its complexity.

Kuhnau's biblical David and Goliath sonata told its story clearly, and shorter pieces from the 17th and 18th Centuries completed a program shrewdly titled Baroque Avant-Garde.

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