The Annual
From 15 - 16 June 1991

 Glebe Music Festival

In conjunction with The Glebe Society Inc


8:00pm Gala Musical Soirée Margaretta Cottage
The Glebe Society and the Glebe Point Road Project gratefully thank the artists whose services are being generously donated to the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Camperdown.
Special Thanks to Judy McCumstie for helping to organize the Festival

I. The Goodchild Consort
Paul Goodchild - trumpet
Linda Walsh - oboe
Lorelei Dowling - bassoon
Colin Forbes - harpsichord

(a) Concerto for trumpet, oboe. continue and bassoon
- Allegro - Arioso - Allegro

J. W. Hertel 1727-1789

(b) Sonata no. I for bassoon and harpsichord
- Cantabile - Spiritoso e Staccato - Largo e Staccato - Hornpipe a 1'lnglese - Vivace

Johann Ernst Galliard 1680-1749

(c) Sonata for trumpet, oboe and continuo
- Allegro - Adagio - Presto

Henry Purcell 1659-1695

(d) Sonata for trumpet oboe and continuo
- Allegro Moderate - Adagio - Allegro - Grave/Presto

Gottfried Finger 1660-?

The Goodchild Consort was founded in 1991 and consists of well-known, outstanding Sydney musicians. The Consort plays regular recitals, including the Hunter Valley and at Margaretta Cottage. Contact 665 1229 for more details.


Poetry C. Richard Anderson


John Dowland 1563-?1626

(b) (1) Pantasie

John Dowland

(ii) Pavin

Alfonso Ferrabosco 1545-1588

(iii) Earl of Essex Galliard

John Dowland

(iv) Sir John Smith. - His Almaine

John Dowland

(c) (1) Nur ein Lächelnder Blick

Robert Schumann 1810-1856

(ii) Die Nacht

Richard Strauss 1864-1949

(iii) Morgen

Richard Strauss

(iv) Liebeslied Robert


3. (a) Sonata for violin and harpsichord

Biagio Marini ?1595-1665

(b) Aquilon et Orithle Cantata for Baritone and violin trio


Kirsti Whitlocke - soprano
David Ninham - lute
Michael Black - piano
Brooke Green - violin
Colin Forbes - harpsichord
Matthew Stephens - baritone
Kate Morgan - cello

Dowland was an English lutenist, singer and composer, a great virtuoso who as a player on the lute was without rival in Europe. In 1598 he was appointed lutenist to Christian IV of Denmark until his return to London in 1606 where he was appointed one of the King's Musicians for the lutes in 1612.
'Lachrymae' ('Plow, my tears") is from Dowland's second of four books of songs,

Born in Bologna, Ferrabosco spent several years in England until 1564 when he found himself in the service of Cardinal Famese in Rome. Ferrabosca escaped back to England where, in 1567 he was accused of the murder of a young foreign musician on his way to court to exhibit his skill. Ferrabosco pledged himself only to serve Queen Elizabeth I from 1569 (thus receiving a lifelong pension). He enetered the service of the Duke of Savoy in 1578 after escaping from England. The queen kept his children hostage, the eldest Alfonso becoming the most important of the Italian musicians living in England in the 16th century. The father died in Bologna

Marini was an Italian violinist and composer. He served at Venice, the Church of Sant Euphemia at Brescia, as the maestro della musica to the Duke of Bavaria at Munich, at Perrara and at the Church of Santa Maria della Scala at Milan. He died in Venice.

The Harpsichord used in the second half of this programme The instrument was built by Hugh Jones in 1984. It is a Flemish Double Harpsichord with scalings of a Ruckle's 1642 instrument.

The following timbers were used in its construction:
- Casework - new Guinea rosewood (Pterocapus)
Soundboard - King William pine (Athrotaxis)
Keys - Ringed gidgee (Acacia Cambadgee)
Accidentals - Ivory wood (Siphonodon Australe)
Disposition - lower keyboard I x 8' and I x 4', upper keyboard I x 8' and buff, couplers between manuals give eleven different combinations of timbre.
Compass - FF to P

We thank Mr Jones for the use of this instrument. Hugh Jones trained as an organ builder with Brown and Arkley. Roger Pogson and Ron Sharpe. Since 1979 he has built 16 harpsichords. 34 harps and worked on approximately 200 pipe organs. Including the Sydney Opera House and Town Hall organs. He has exhibited and given workshops both in Sydney and interstate, and is currently building a 2 manual, 6 rank home-organ. Enquiries to: Hugh Jones. 112 Crystal Street. Petersham. 2049 Telephone: 568 2750.

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